This design for apartments and retail spaces, combined a farmers market, formed part of my year long Masters Thesis at Unitec.  The key aim of the project was to explore how architecture can be used to promote good holistic health.  The New York Active Design Guidelines were a key document in informing the design of this building.
Key Features 
-Farmers' market and vegetable gardens are combined with apartments to reduce food mileage between growing, selling and consuming food.  The act of growing and selling food also fosters a sense of community between residents and local food sellers.
-Circulation routes have good views, run past planted walls & vegetable gardens and are varied to make them more exciting to use, therefore encouraging stair usage over taking the lifts.  The main circulation routes also have retail shops, seating and sculptors along the way to increase interest.
-wide, highly visible stairs encourage usage.
-adjustable screens to apartments for privacy and sun control.
-thin floor plans increase the level of natural light and ventilation entering apartments.
Exterior Perspective - view from Queen Street, Auckland
Interior Perspective - Farmers' Market
Second Level Floor Plan
Walkway to apartments sketch
Queen Street Elevation
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